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 Stella Davies

My  degree in Drama & English began my path in 1990 as a Community Drama Worker for prisons, psychiatric hospitals and schools. Fascinated in the potential of drama for healing, I then trained as a Dramatherapist, working with women's groups, people with learning disabilities and mental health issues.  I found that using art, movement and voice creatively empowers people in incredible ways and unlocks powerful healing creativity that changes lives.

As a frustrated singer myself, I undertook a Naked Voice training with international 'vocal midwife' Chloe Goodchild ( in 2000. Here I discovered that every human being has a deep, authentic voice, steeped in wisdom, creativity, and with the power to heal and transform by connecting individuals to the Witness Consciousness - our own silent knowing from which all our creativity flows.

Since then I have been delighted to share this with groups and individuals of all ages and abilities, from actors, drama students and singers to anyone who wishes to create a deeper connection to their authentic voice for professional or personal development. My journey with Reiki also deeply supports the healing/teaching space that I hold.

My greatest joy now is to support people to unlock their greatest gift - the wisdom, passion, creativity and joy of their own authentic voice through sound, song and the spoken word, and to help people transform their lives through this process. 

To find out more about groups, workshops and individual sessions, please contact me on 818 879 9827 or

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